(VIDEO) I am ODM life member, I will fix Suna West mess created by Masara- Ndiege


By MN Reporter

Immediate former Suna West MP Joseph Obiero Ndiege has said he will be in the ballot on August 9 on Orange Democratic Movement ticket.

Ndiege, in a special interview with Migori News at his home in Bondo Nyironge, said he is sure he will unseat the incumbent Peter Masara who was elected as an independent candidate.

“He is yet to fully resign and join ODM party, I heard him recently saying there will be no party nominations in Suna West. He joined in late he should first sit in the compound and not rush in the bedroom,” Ndiege said.

He said Masara work in NG-CDF has been marred with corruption and fraud and should be replaced.

“It is good that Suna Wests voters’ eyes have opened and they see the kind of leadership they got and need better chance, this is why  I am sure of getting elected in August,” he said.