The best twenty hotels in Migori County.

Migori County is well endowed in terms of hotels with several great hotels offering excellent services. Below are the best twenty as sampled by our team. They have been ranked from number twenty to the best.

Lake Victoria Beach resort
20. Summer springs Hotel: Isebania: This facility in Isebania town offers decent and clean accommodation with good meals.

19. Calabash Hotel: Migori: Situated also on the east side of Migori town, Calabash offers great accommodation and conference facilities.

18. Bill Hebert Hotel: Migori: This hotel, situated on the east side of Migori town offers quiet accommodation facilities. Great when one just want to have peaceful night.

17. Graca Hotel: Rongo: Located along the Rongo Homa Bay road, the hotel offers good clean accommodation and conferencing facilities.

16. Hill view Hotel: Migori: Another older hotel in the county. Built in a quiet neighbourhood, Hillview has great accommodation with beautiful view of the neighbouring hills.

15. Kingsway Hotel : Rongo: Located near Catholic area in Rongo, It offers great accommodation facilities as well as good meals.

14. Migori County Lodge: Migori: Located in Banana area of Migori town, It offers quiet environment, great lodging facilities as well as wonderful food.

13. Nereah Hotel: Awendo : Located along the Awendo Migori highway, it has decent accommodation facilities as well as good conference space.

12. Lake Junction Hotel: Migori: Great for family outings: Has children playground, beautiful huts and great conferencing facilities.

11. Prime Waters: Migori: Located on the East side of the town, It has good accommodation and ample parking.

10. Sunrise Gardens: Kehancha: Another great hotel in Kehancha town. Serene environment, decent rooms and quiet get away from the town hassle

9. Border Point: Isebania: Located just a few meters from the Kenya Tanzania border, this is another hotel with great serene accommodation. Frequented by some of the dignitaries in the country.

8. Creadex Hotel: Migori: Situated at the centre of Migori town, Creadex is ideal when one doesn’t want to leave the town centre and yet want decent accommodation. Great meals and non alcoholic environment. Also has great wifi connection.

7. Grabo Hotel: Migori: Another great hotel in Migori town. has good food, excellent rooms and great conferencing facilities.

6. Antel Mara – Migori: Another new hotel in Migori town. Situated along the Migori Kehancha road, it has good accommodation as well as offering get away for town residents looking for peaceful evenings.

5. Treat House – Rongo: One of the several new hotels to come up in the county. Situated along the Migori-Kisii highway, it has great meals, good service and ideal playground for children.

4. Super Nova Hotel – Sori: another great hotel just a few meters from Lake Victoria. Great rooms, excellent services and great view of the lake.

3. Sony Guest House – Awendo: For years been the best hotel in the county. Excellent services, serene environment and wonderful compound. Very popular with weddings.

2. Lake Victoria Beach Resort – Sori: The nearest thing the county has to the coastal beach hotels. It has wonderful view of the lake with nice little cottages to spend the nights on. Ideal for family get aways.

1.Florence Hotel- Migori: The best the county has to offer at the moment. Situated along the Migori Sirare Highway, Florence has got an excellent gym facility, swimming pool and great service to go with it.