Shock as Kuria East man murders neighbor, attempts to buy his grave with 20 cows

Ghati Musa tending to her husband’s grave in Kendege village, Kuria East

By MN Reporter

A family in Kendege Migori County is seeking justice after a neighbour killed his kin after the accused family cattle ate maize shamba near his home.

The deceased mother Hannah Mwita said her son Musa Muniko Mwita was killed by his next neighbour Marwa Chacha and efforts to reconcile the two families traditionally have not borne any fruits.

She said that the deceased went to complain to the accused why his cattle had eaten his maize shamba and after a verbal exchange the two started fighting resulting into Marwa Chacha beating the deceased to death.

She added that the two families late agreed that the accused family was to pay the deceased family 20 live cattle as compensation traditionally but later the accused family reneged on the agreement and wanted to compensate only six animals which irked the deceased family to now seek justice by using other means possible.

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The Maeta location chief Tabitha Muruga said that the family reported the matter to her and she has taken up the issue with the relevant authorities to help the family seek justice.

She said the accused Marwa Chacha is already on the run into Tanzania and efforts are underway to bring him back to Kenya to face justice and make the deceased family not feel more frustrated.

Cases of grievous harm, killings in cold blood and assault have been on the increase in the entire Kuria region.

Most of the perpetrators have been running into the neighbouring country Tanzania and efforts by many families to seek justice have never been fruitful