(PHOTOS) Odege, Saka spark off funeral fight as Boaz condemns chaos

Nyatike MP Tom Odege and Saka Ratteng’ go for it at a microphone before chaos broke our

By MN Reporter

Migori Governor Okoth Obado and Assembly Speaker Boaz Okoth have condemned chaos that rocked the burial ceremony of former Moi Nyatike Secondary Principal Mr. Joseph Bradox Ayogo Onditi.

Obado said it is barbaric for a politician to imagine by causing chaos at a funeral function they will control political prowess.

“Voters have absolute powers in an electoral process and I beseech the good people of Nyatike reject violent individuals at the polls…such characters deserve no votes and shouldn’t be elected at all,” said Obado

Youths go at it behind the VIP tent fighting with thorn bushes

Boaz said said late Ayogo had changed many lives within the sphere of education and his send off ought to have been the most peaceful in the history of Nyatike.

“The characters who carry goons to disrupt a function of this magnitude must be mentally incapacitated. Mwalimu Ayogo’s final send-off needed much respect and what we have witnessed is a big insult to the Ayogo’s family and Nyatike residents at large,” cited Speaker Boaz.

During the burial, supporters of Nyatike MP Tom Odege and local politician Saka Ratteng came to blows after the two leaders exchanged bitterly to a point of snatching microphone from each other.


Chaos started as youths behind the VIP podium constantly jeered politicians who spoke at the podium as Odege was welcoming guests to speak.

When Odege was addressing the crowd at his turn, chaos broke out behind the VIP tent prompting him to inquire about those causing chaos, prompting live altercation between him and Saka, who vied for the seat in last election.

The angry altercation was live, forcing mourners to scamper into safety and the SDA church was organising the funeral to leave the politicians at the funeral venue.

Odege: “Who are these boys who have come to cause chaos here?

Angry Saka who was seated rose to his feet and interjected at Odege angrily, “You (Odege) know them.”

Odege: “Who knows them?…who has sent these boys?”

Saka: “You are the sender.”

Odege: “Saka can you keep quiet or I’ll slap you till you urinate…if you are man enough move closer I show you.”

Saka: “You can’t…..” (as altercation and chaos intesified)

Late Ayogo’s former students mourned their late teacher as a man who gave them second chance to life when they were at brink of dropping from school for lack of school fees.