Officials agree on 3 vehicles per Sacco in move to ease congestion at Migori bus terminus

A section of Migori bus stage


Migori Matatu Saccos have agreed with authorities on plans to end congestion at the main bus terminus in Migori town.

Representatives from the Matatu Saccos met officials from Migori County Government, National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and the police where they agreed on a raft of measures to guide the industry.

The officials agreed that matatus were only to pick and drop passengers at designated points within the town.

County Executive Committee Member for Roads Moses Chamwada said all matatus were required to pay requisite revenue to the County government to be allowed to access bus terminus.

“It is our resolve that only vehicles that have complied with our set regulations will be allowed to operate within Migori and the bus park,” said Chamwada.

Chamwada said that the County Government would restrict the number of vehicles picking passengers to three from every Sacco to ease congestion at the terminus.

He said that the County government had plans to construct another bus terminus to fully address the congestion issue.

NTSA’s regional Coordinator Ezekiel Koech called for sanity in the Matatu sector that has witnessed constant wrangles.

Koech noted that it was only through compliance that the sector would restore calm and create a conducive environment for business.

“We had a meeting with stakeholders from the matatu sector and have resolved to retain only the vehicles that have fully complied with our regulations in our roads,” he said.

Koech urged Matatu owners to flush out rouge members in the sector saying it was the only avenue to sanitize the sector that has witnessed high rate of disorder.

Jared Okech who represented the Matatu sector lauded the move saying it was a step towards creating an enabling business environment.

“We will ensure that all Sacco’s are compliant because it is only through tax remittance that the businesses will run without interference,” he said.

Migori Matatu Owners (MMO) and Migori Stage Transporters (MST) were accused of failing to remit their taxes to NTSA and the County government.