OBADO: Ruto will take Luos to Canaan, we tried with Raila and failed


By MN Reporter

Former Migori governor Okoth Obado has said President elect William Ruto is the best bet for Luos journey to Canaan as promised by ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking to Migori News over the phone, Obado who was Ruto Nyanza pointman in August 9 elections said the community should now support Ruto’s presidency.

“We all know in 2007 general elections Ruto stood with ODM in Raila’s journey to Canaan, we met with smaller crocodiles then which matured and I choose and alternative route to the same destination, Canaan,” Obado said.

“There are many routes to Canaan and while many Luos chose a different route which failed, some of us remained and we will ensure the community benefits,” Obado said.

He said after the Supreme Court election decision which upheld Ruto’s election victory, it is clear it is God who chose him as the president.

“As a Luo community we have been pulling in opposition since independence, Ruto on the other hand has decided to work with us without discrimination we will talk with our people to know our position in government,” Obado said.