Ndiege signs Suna West peace pact with ’eminent persons’, Masara skips

Former Suna West MP Joseph Ndiege signs a peace accord with activists in Migori town

By MN Reporter

Former Suna West MP Joseph Ndiege has signed a peace accord with activists in Migori town and pledged to maintain peace ahead of next polls.

Ndiege who will be in next month polls as an Independent candidate has been facing a stiff competition from the incumbent Peter Masara who is flying the ODM ticket.

The meeting was organised by International Republican Institute which organised civic organisations, religious leaders, business people, opinion leaders and youths to create an ’eminent persons’ committee to bring peace in the forth coming polls.

“We have committed to maintain peace in Suna West in next polls, elections is not about life and death and we have life after polls,” Ndiege said.

Ndiege said the constituency has seen violence in the past, confrontation and misuse of propaganda especially on social media which should not be the case in next polls.

“We call on police to act on alert and tip off, but so far we are keen in maintaining peace,” he said.

The organisers led by chairman Bishop Nelson Kongere said they expected to have Masara too at the meeting on Wednesday and still hope to have him too to sign the peace accord.

“Despite not having Masara today to sign the peace accord we are open up to have a meeting with him too and we believe that Suna West will be among a beacon of peace in Migori and Nyanza region,” Kongere said.

He said he was happy that Masara had shown an intend to sign the accord and because of campaign schedules he might have skipped, “but we will work around the clock to align both our times and schedules to include him.”

The two candidates will also face off with Valentine Ogongo (Independent), Philip Kajimba (MOPEU), David Kelly Otieno (Jubilee) and Dave Odoyo (Safina Party).