KITAYAMA: Believe me Luos will be part of Ruto new government, Nyanza itakua ndani

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By MN Reporter

President elect William Ruto will include the Luo community in his new administration despite the community banking more on his rival Raila Odinga in the last polls.

Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama said several Luo leaders stood up with Ruto and as Nyanza leaders all communities will be included in the formation of the new government.

He said for regional balancing Nyanza, especially the Luo community will never be left out in Ruto’s administration.

“In campaigns in Nyanza Luos formed major part in Ruto campaigns and what is known to many is that several Luos employed under Jubilee had their backing from the president elect,” Kitayama said.

Kitayama, elected on UDA ticket said that “we can speak with authority that Luos will form part in Ruto government, we have ligned a couple for senior positions as a region and will line development projects in the entire region.”