GOVERNOR: Hunt for Kuria minority votes up as Five pick deputies there

Migori governor Okoth Obado looks on as his DG Mwita Mahanga addresses the crowd last week

Migori governor Okoth Obado looks on as his DG Mwita Mahanga addresses the crowd last week

By MN Reporter

The race to pick up over 80,000 votes from minority Kuria community in Migori county which may decide the next governor is up as five candidates pick their deputies across four clans.

Last week, the candidates were cleared by IEBC at the county tallying center of Migori TTC with the community having a candidate for the first time in Migori elections.

The Kuria community has the Abairege and Abanyabasi clans in Kuria East constituency and majorly Abagumbe and Abakira clans in Kuria West constituencies.

The Abanyabasi and Abakira clans are the largest and culturally vote together while the other smaller ones also vote together.

Governor Okoth Obado who is an ODM candidate at last stuck to his DG Mwita Mahanga after unsuccessfully trying to drop him severally for fear of his unpopularity.

Mahanga is from the minority Abairege clan.

In a political twist Obado’s Rapogi village Engineer Samson Owuor has also picked his Deputy Tyson Kemege from the same clan. The two will be in Independent candidate.

Former Cabinet Minister Ochilo Ayako picked Lucas Mosenda from Abakira clans in Kuria West constituency.

Meanwhile Jack Okoth of ANC and former CEO of Kenya Rugby Union has picked Ken Muhochi from Abakira clan as his DG. Muhocho is the former Chief Operating Officer for Kenya association of manufacturer.

Chrispinus Weiria of Jubilee who is from Abanyabasi clan has picked Abakira clan’s Simon Wambura.

“Obado had an upper hand in Kuria community, but Ayako is quickly picking ground,” Tobias Range, the immediate former Kehancha town mayor said.

Range said Obado will enjoy support from Abairege and Abagumbe clans, while Ayako will enjoy support from the two other clans.

“Like across the county, Kuria will be a two horse race. The rest will scrap through,” he said.