CONGRATS: Here is complete list of 17 Suna West schools started by MP Masara

Hon Peter Masara at St Francis Wiga Girls Secondary School in Wiga Ward

By MN Reporter

From his humble background of growing up in a home where Chang’aa was being brewed and working on brick making sector to educate himself, Suna West MP Peter Masara has done well in education sector since being elected in last polls.

“I believe that education is the only key to change a society and we the schools have been started under needs accesment from public participation,” he said.

The legislator said in Wiga ward which is the heart of gold mining, there was no girls’ secondary school as St Peters Abwao and Masara Secondary were mixed schools.

“This school has helped to shape girls’ education in the world and in 2018 when we started it there was nothing, we now have a dormitory, two teachers quarters and classrooms. Today we have a new administration block,” Masara said.

He said in Oruba-Ragana ward, which is within town high population density saw existing schools being overwhelmed as the new schools already have an average of 1,000 students within a short time.

“Outside town students used to trek for long to access education, we have changed that,” he added.

Masara said he has been seeking education as a hallmark of his leadership and proved the same with 17 new primary and secondary schools he started from scratch in the constituency four wards:

Oruba Ragana Ward

  • Paw Ndege Primary
  • Ragana Girls Secondary
  • Wuoth Ogik Primary
  • John Okwanyo Primary
  • Oruba Dip Primary School
  • St Celestino Nyangubo Girls Secondary School

Waswetta 2 Ward

  • Kipasi Songa Primary

Wasimbete Ward

  • Jumbo Primary
  • Kowiti Memorial Primary
  • St Peters Nyamaraga Primary
  • Magongo Bongu Primary
  • Giribe Maseno Primary
  • Nyahera Primary

Wiga Ward

  • St Francis Wiga Girls Secondary
  • Got Kweru Primary
  • Mariba Primary
  • Ndemra Primary