Ayacko banks on MCAs to push supplementary budget, unlock Migori development

Migori governor Ochillo Ayacko after he addressed the assembly

By MN Reporter

Migori governor Ochilo Ayacko has told the assembly he banks on them to spur and open up his first development agenda for voters.

While addressing the assembly for the first time in a county address, Ayacko said he banks on MCAs to form house leadership and help in vetting of his appointees for executive and chief officers, and pass a supplementary budget.

He said this will unlock and help them implement their targets for the people of Migori.

“The current financial year and budget was running with elections, we are in a quarter of the year and we need to shift our development agenda and the best is through a supplementary budget,” he said.

He said through the budget, bursaries and improving health stations will be key in pushing agenda by MCAs to electorates.

Additionally, Ayacko asked the MCAs to ensure they changed the perception of the assembly as he noted that the previous assembly had been wallowed in infamy for the last ten years. 

He cited that the assembly had been marred with corruption and chaos.

“At other times, it has been more nasty stuff of very personal nature putting the county in the news for the wrong reasons,” Ayacko said.

He tasked the MCAs to change perception and image of the county by ensuring that they generate and radiate positivity, as he told them to avoid dishonorable conduct and turning it into a gathering of law breakers.

Ayacko said there was need to join hands against corruption, personal greed and lawlessness, as he promised that his administration would remain available and provide a listening ear.

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