When a married man dates you ask him to introduce you to his wife to test seriousness- Undhwe

Undhwe, with his two wives first Linet Akoth (L) and second Melda Akoth

By MN Reporter

Kenyan women dating married have been advised to urge them to introduce them to their wives to test their seriousness.

Jacob Odhiambo Ombati known on social media as Undhwe also said women should never encourage married men to have sex with them in lodgings, but instead have their wives spread their bed in their homestead.

Undhwe is gaining traction on social media, especially among Luos with his videos touching on marriage and social issues.

“Women who are dating married men should never allow them to have a fling in lodgings but in their homesteads, they should also insist the first wife if informed by the men to test seriousness,” he advised.

Ombati said he married his first wife Linet Akoth a daughter of famous colonial chief Owiro Akoko in 2000 and in 2006 added Melda Akoth, another daughter of a famous colonial era chief Walter Ater Nguka.

“When I planned to marry my second wife I brought her to the first woman’s house instead of booking a lodging with her, we lived together until we were blessed with a child before I built her house,” Undhwe said.

He said sex is sacred and should not be done in lodgings and flimsy places and the first wife should know of his co-wife from the husband instead of learning from other areas.

He said Kenyan men who want to be polygamists should be able to instill respect among his women and children, and the best ways is being open on their move.