PROFILE: Migori governor aspirant Dr. Mwabe rich CV, and why voters should make him next county CEO

Migori governor aspirant Dr. Philip ‘Trump’ Mwabe

By Eric Ong’ondo

DR. Philip Ogwari Mwabe, owner and proprietor of Environmental Consultant at Systel Engineering Company limited. The Man behind the largest steel factory in Migori after Sony Sugar company.

Also Known as “Trump”, Dr. Philip is not only loaded with Humility but wealth of brain, battalion of friends and connections both locally and international. Dr. Mwabe Prides of networks within Government and Private sector, even in the political circles he is home with political leaders.

A PhD holder in Chemical Engineering with minor in Mechanical Engineering University of Arizona,Tucson, USA 1983 Bsc Mechanical Engineering UoN, Phillip broke world news with his Prospect research in infrastructure development in nuclear analytical spectrometry and Radiometric instrumentation methodologies for enviromental Radiation and associated Radioactivity measurements and Modelling studies in 2010

Some of his remarkable global work that won him the admiration of both learned whites and schooled blacks includes papers on pollution clean technology, a case for metal emmision abatement (2006). Hazardous waste management (2005) and Mechanism governing trace Sodium capture by kalolinite in a friendlier combustor (1996).

This among his others scholarly achievements led to his Appointment as member of Global federation of analytical chemistry and spectroscopy society, following his paper on Synergistic capture mechanism for Alkali and sulphur species from Combustion,(1994), Dr. Mwabe was confrered member of world’s environment policy board by the United Nations.

His strides to public domain was in October 23rd 2013 at The Strathmore Business School Family Business forum in which he was invited to “Insights from the First and Third Generation” The inaugural Family Business Program that brings together various participants all working within family businesses, this exposed the little known Mwabe to the Kenyan public.

The program culminated with a panel discussion with three executive guests; Mr. Titus Muya, Owner and Founder of Family bank; Mr. Palkesh Shah, Director of Spin Venture Group and Dr. Philip Mwabe, Owner and Founder of Environmental and Combustion Consultants Group.

The three being the first generation, third generation and first generation of family businesses respectively shed a light with regards to their family businesses in the panel discussion that was co-ordinated by Paul Ouma.

Titus Muya, also known as TK in the office narrated on how he started family bank in the 70s.Palkesh Shah a member of the third generation in his family’s business, Spin Venture Group.

Dr. Philip Mwabe’ s enterprise began in 1995 as a result of having identified an opportunity to start a toxic company due to the toxic wastes that lay in various parts of the country due to the locust outbreak in the 1990s. Having arrived in Kenya in 1993 as a PhD holder in chemical engineering and having not secured a job, he initiated the Environmental and Combustions Consultants Company (ECCL) that is still being run by the first generation with him still at the helm of the company.

Migori governor aspirant Dr. Philip ‘Trump’ Mwabe

His journey into this great economic enterprise has not been as smooth for he had to do a lot of lobbying because laws governing the industry were non-existent then.

He had to rely on the European law to enable his initial investor invest into his proposal to initiate the program. His lobbying finally paid off after years when the waste management law was passed in 2002 in parliament.

Dr Mwabe then set Kenya’s first Environmental and recycling factory in the isolated area within the Stone Athi area of Kajiado, the only one of its kind in East and Central Africa.

This is the Man who distubs the solitaire Minds of political actors and spectators in Migori at large, with his vast wealth brain and connections that spreads like tentacles of an octopus. Dr. Mwabe remains the best bet for governor Migori county.

As Migori’s finest brain and tycoon, I believe Daktari has an infinite knowhow on how to transform our County into an industrial hub where instead of importing goods from our neighbouring countries, we will be the one’s exporting our goods and services.

All the best Dr. Philip Ogwari Mwabe our incoming Migori county CEO 2022.