(BRAND NEW) Stung, hospitalized because of jilted love Alli Alli releases ‘My Sweetheart’


By MN Reporter

Migori music sensation Alex Ombok alias Alli Alli, 23, has hit the studios to produce his newest hit ‘My Sweetheart’ which revolves around his real life story.

On February Alli approached Audio House Music under Wiga Producer to churn the hit created under Bongo beats and proceeded to Musoma town in Tanzania where he shot the video on Feb 30.

Local models led by video vixen Nancy helped produce the music.

The song narrates about an ordeal where a lover tries to call a lady who is not picking her calls as she is having a sweet time with another man.

The inspiration: Georgina Belinda

“There was a lady I loved called Georgina Belinda from Wasio who inspired the song, she was my fiancee until her parents brought the relationship into a halt,” Alli told Migori News in a candid interview.

He said because he was poor and the lady a nursing student in Oyugis, her parents refused.

“Despite giving her my love, the lady followed her parents’ wish and shut off her phone on me,” he said.

Depressed, Alli was hospitalized at St. Joseph Mission Hospital where he was diagnosed with ulcers and loss of weight caused by starvation.

“She left an empty hole in my heart and soul i am yet to fill, i found solace in the song,” he said.

Alli started singing at Kodhiambo Primary School in Kano area, Kisumu and is a producer and owner of Samali Films Production.

The Brand

He has produced Bobby Tongolo, Leah Irene, Onyile Black, Kassim Jay, Ralph Wuod Alego among others