(VIDEO) OBADO: It’s Peaceful After Politics, I Do Business, Go To Church And Rest More


By MN Reporter

Former Migori governor Okoth Obado has taken to medication, playing volleyball with his family and strolling on foot in his Rapogi village area after active politics.

On Wednesday the Star tried to give Obado a call on WhatsApp and after poor connection he called back immediatedly, unlike in the past when placing an interview required going through a routine of aides.

“I am now more free, i sleep early and wake up late unlike in the past when the days were packed, since retiring i am now free and with little without pressures,” Obado said.

He joked that nowadays his phone is also not so busy like in the past and he can engage more with people even in social media platforms. Before the interview, the former governor took a group of journalists through his rural home in Rapogi village, Uriri constituency.

Obado said he was currently renovating his house and had just finished shooting a music video with Rapogi Lwanda SDA Church choir which is just across the fence from his house.

“Actually i am still wearing the choir uniform from shooting, we started from the church and move in my compound. We have shooting for the past few days,” Obado said.

He said he was to play volleyball, and created a pitch in his compound as he trains and coaches them.