(VIDEO) MIGORI Surgeons Conduct First Successful Nephrectomy Tumor Growth Surgery On Kidney

By MN Reporter

Many patients from the rural parts of Kenya seek medical care from many national hospitals like Kenyatta hospital for them to be healed and get well treated.

As a result of these, Lifecare Migori surgeons have come to the rescue of many patients with complications that cannot be done in local hospitals as they did a successful nephrectomy tumor surgery to a patient who had taken many years to seek medical care since 2014 in various hospitals around Migori and its environs.

According to the director of the hospital Dr.Mayank Puri, the surgery is a major milestone in the medical profession at a hospital located in the county where many health facilities are not adequately equipped.

He said that the hospital started a few years ago and such activities will make it prosper and help the residents of Migori and neighbouring counties get proper medical and healthcare services.