How former Delamare Farms hand turned 10 acres of Kuria land into a vegetable oasis for traders, community

The farmer at his tomato farm

By MN Reporter

Off Kendege Technical Training Institute is ten acres of green life as neat rows of vegetable glean on the sun.

A team of youths are watering several vegetables from river Migori as Peter Chacha Mwita looks on.

Mwita started the venture since 2010 after quitting his job at the vast Delamere Farm in where he worked as a casual farm hand.

“I grow eight different varieties of crops including cucumber, garlic, onions, cabbages, kaleswater melons, sunflower  and beetroot,” he told Migori News.

The farmer checking his garlics

He said he approached Kuria East Marwa Kitayama to help him partner with Kendege Technical Training Institute that issued the vast land for cultivation.

“With a saving of Sh200,000, I approached our area MP who helped me source for more funds. I rallied some youths who kept seeking handouts and together we started this project,” Mwita pointed out.

He said the venture has revolutionized his life as “average, I cash between Sh7,000 and Sh10,000 from the farm just from vegetables. Prices however shoot during dry season.”

He says that a 90 kilogram bag of mature cucumber and gorguettes  fetches sh 9000 and at times he can harvest as much as 200 bags from his vast farm.

He also supplies kales and cabbages to neighbouring schools and traders who sought vegetables all the way from Tanzania.

Students undertaking courses in Agriculture at Kendege Technical Training Institute also visit the farm for practical lessons.

“Currently, we are targeting youths who like agribusiness and we are ready to offer extension services to them as long as they are willing to learn.

In 2019 Mr Mwita participated at the Nairobi International Trade Fair Show where he emerged second overall putting Migori County in the limelight.

Migori governor Okoth Obado also gifted him with a brand new motorcycle as a token of appreciation owing to the achievement.