COMPLETE: Here Are Top 10 Migori County Leaders In 2023: A Teacher tops 3 politicians and a journalist

By Wuon Kalam

We are excited to compile top ten Migori county leaders who shaped 2023 and left an impact on lives and our image, not only nationally but internationally.

The list was picked from news coverage we did across the year and those events that had major impact in the county and we are proud to give a list which has three politicians, a musician, a blogger, a journalist, a lawyer, a businessman, a sportsman and a journalist.

And since politician, being politicians with their supporters were bound to grumble we did a survey on our Migori News WhatsApp group, and Migori Republican Council two of most famous ones and picked top two from governor, senator, woman rep and eight MPs.

In the assembly we picked one MCA in honorary mention.

The complete politician analysis will come shortly afterwards in this link (to be posted here)

  1. Millicent Cassianes- Teacher

She took the county to international limelight when she was shortlisted for the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize 2023 which had a $1 million (Ksh148M) cash prize. 

Cassianes is a special needs teacher at the BL Tezza Special School for the Deaf in Karungu, Nyatike constituency and was among 50 shortlisted teachers globally picked from over 7,000 nominations and applicants across 130 countries. 

Her innovative teaching methods by using ICT and practical projects apart from being an advocate for special needs children in the community show her being picked through by reputable organisations like UNESCO and Dubai Cares, which also made Migori News to pick her in the first position.

2. Abdi Aziz Osman- Sportsman

The Director of Migori Youth FC which plays for the National Super League made us and the entire county dream in a football fantasy to being promoted into the top tier premier league.

The fantasy, even though it ended in a heated playoff with Muhoroni FC to the one slot, galvanized the county and for a brief moment even politicians who go for each other jugular veins found a place to vent and support the team.

Osman makes it to our second slot for his dedication in sports, nurturing of young talents and being able to scrap a team from an academy through the ranks and making sure Migori county remains key sports house after FKF side Sony Sugar FC folded up.

3. Senior Counsel Kennedy Okong’o- Lawyer

When his alma mater Ageng’a Primary School in North Kadem ward, Nyatike constituency was in disrepair with old falling wall the SC decided to leverage on his vast network to help build it upo.

Through harambees and contribution, some in WhatsApp groups, the school has been transformed into seven modern classrooms measuring 9-by-9 members complete with terrazzo floors (the only public primary school in Migori with this).

Apart from giving back to the society, Okong’o has been a voice and investor in agriculture from his area, runs hospitality and law firm business in Migori.

4. Governor Ochillo Ayacko- Politician

As the second elected governor, Ochillo Ayacko came in with high hopes of change in the 2022 general election which replaced him with Okoth Obado who had served his second and last term.

Earlier this month in his Awendo rural home during home coming, the governor called for more time to fulfill his campaign pledges to the people only days after giving the county the first ever football and sports tournament since devolution started.

Since each entry has at least three paragraphs, we will conclude here by saying in polls we explained earlier he is a politician who garnered the most from our leaders and to be the first to appear in this list.

5. Uriri MP Mark Nyamita- Politician

He is the second national politician who garnered the most votes in our two polls to make it to this list at number five, and below his current political nemesis the governor.

Since being elected in two previous elections, Nyamita has been ranked as the best legislator back to back including the last polls, has been organising the biggest tournament in the area dubbed Tukuza Talanta back to back since.

 Nyamita decided to work closely with President William Ruto which politically has placed him at the eye of political storm from ODM leaders, both nationally and in the county. And to fight back he has made political and social overture by taking parts in relief food distribution and sports tournaments beyond his constituency

6. Akothee- Musician

When Migori first lady Agnes Ayacko organized an Anti-FGM even at Nyabohanse Girls and when Skyward Airlines made maiden trip at refurbished Lichota Airstrip, the daughter of former assembly Majority Leader Hon. Eunita Kokeyo from Sakwa Awendo was there.

She suddenly called herself the Migori brand ambassador and had the governor, first lady and senior county government grovel on her, and for once she helped marked the county greatly from her musician and star appeal.

She helped shape Migori image and her passion and plan to give back to the society has seen her start a special academy. Unfortunately her plans of having a cultural event and marketing tourism in the county ahead of December holidays alongside the county government went under the drain.

7. Bishop Walter ‘Marowa’ Ogwada-  Businessman

The astute businessman in Migori county and a Bishop at International Gospel Ministries brought both county and national leaders to his palatial house warming party bringing Migori to national and international lime light. Ogwada has also been a key leader when it comes to offering religious, political and general leadership.

8. iam_marwa- Blogger

The boy from Nyabohanse in Kuria West is among the most popular bloggers in the world and has travelled across the globe with his vlogs on YouTube garnering millions of views, the highest being 11million which was shot in Medellin, Columbia (Slain drug lord Pablo Escobar home). He has over 513k subscribers. The blogger recently erected a palatial over Sh10million village mansion which has brought the county to the map.

9. Hesborn ‘Tatu Bila’ Ndiege- Journalist

The journalist and manager at Anyuola FM in Migori town, Ndiege earlier in December managed to organize a Community Based Organisation which brings together county journalists in a socio-development group. He also managed to rally other county leaders and professions around the course.

10. Hamisi Williams Muo- United Nations Official

The Kenyan assistant representative for United Nation’s Food And Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has first placed Migori on the map because he hails from Sori Bay, Nyatike. Through his network he has helped Migori farmers to be uplifted, has been organising a popular football tournament in addition to investing in education in the county.

11. (Honorary mention) George Omamba- North Kanyamkago MCA

The third time MCA and currently a close ally to Nyamita has taken his oversight role against administration  of governor Ochillo Ayacko with gusto, despite threats and being physically assaulted. With the fluid nature of politics, Omamba has seen it all from being former and brother governor Okoth Obado close ally, to his harshest critic by liasing with Ayacko and now being on the other side.