Yara East Africa’s MiCROP fertilizer set to boost yields for smallholder maize farmers

By MN Reporter

Smallholder maize farmers in Migori and its environs have an opportunity to boost their yields following the introduction of a special blend fertilizer known as MiCROP that contains 5 extra nutrients set to boost the root and cob formation of their maize crop.

Speaking at the launch of the MiCROP fertilizer, Yara East Africa’s Senior Commercial Manager, Vitalis Wafula explained the benefits of the additional nutrients that promote a balanced nutrition to the maize crop.

“MiCROP fertilizer that we have introduced to the market will help the plant develop a strong rooting system that allows absorption of the required nutrients and water.

The plant will have sufficient energy to grow tall, having 2-3 full cobs per plant, he added on to say. The trials done across the country are testament to the winning formula found in the fertilizer.

The fertilizer provides for Phosphorus, Sulphur, Potassium and Zinc that are low in most arable soils across the country.

“Farmers using the MiCROP fertilizer can now expect to harvest about 30-35 bags per acre depending on whether the specific farmer has followed the right agronomical practices that we at Yara East Africa offer in partnership with other players and the county government,” he noted.

Hon. Mr. Valentine Ogongo, the County Executive Committee Member (CECM), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Development for Migori County thanked Yara East Africa for their continued partnership in promoting food security in the county and across other maize growing regions.

“We are happy that the Yara MiCROP range (Planting and Topdressing), will increase maize yields considering that maize is the staple food in most Kenyan households thus the demand for it is always there,” he noted.

Hon. Ogongo further explained, “The county government initiatives seek to enhance best farming practices and improve productivity and yield volumes among the smallholder maize farmers in the area.

Partnership with like-minded organizations from the private sector like
Yara East Africa, will help attain these goals and promote the livelihoods of the farmers across the county.”

The retailers, distributors and agro-dealers who were present at the launch of MiCROP fertilizer that took place at the Tree House Hotel in Rongo, hailed Yara East Africa for its continued investment in research and development of crop specific fertilizers that help enhance high and quality yields.