Uriri market closed due to open defecation re-opened

A fish trader at Migori market. Residents are eating fish washed from feces river Migori water

By MN Reporter

Migori county government has re-opened Oria market in Uriri constituency which was closed down after residents raised an alarm over open defecation.

The market was closed down due to lack of a toilet thereby raising fears over the outbreak of a cholera.

Since the closure of the market that sits along the border between Migori and Homa-bay counties, traders moved with their wares to Homa-bay, costing the county revenue.

The Public Health department had closed the market with an average of daily revenue collection of Shs 80,000.

The re-opening of the market was confirmed by Chief Officer for Trade Daudi Obado.

“Among the measures we took was to build a toilet and offer a decree to chase off residential houses from the market as they were behind the open defecation in the area,” Obado said.

He said the county met the requirements set by the public health department for it to be re-opened.

“Since Oria is a border market, we expect to fully operate and the livestock market to be re-opened,” he said.

The Chief Officer said because of budget constraints, the department has opted for labour based approach in building the toilets at the market and others which were also facing imminent closure.

They included Masaba, Oyani and Masara markets across the county.

“More toilets will be built after budget marking process, but these will be paid on labour used as a matter of urgency,” he said.