Mobius SUV which is Made In Kenya to be launched next year

The Mobius II

The Mobius II

By Reporter

Mobius Motors, an automotive company headquartered in Kenya, will launch a new car model Mobius II.

The iconic design of the new Mobius II combines sleek modern styling with rugged performance engineering to handle all road conditions in Kenya in what the company dubs “built for Africa.”

The company originally designed and manufactured the first-generation Mobius II in Kenya, which fully sold out early in 2016.

The next-generation Mobius II model will be manufactured at higher volumes and will offer a rugged chassis structure and other features like power steering, sealed side windows, lockable doors, improved audio and more.

“We’re excited about the launch of our new Mobius II model next year, which will see significant ramp up in production volume. Mobius is founded on the idea of transforming Africa’s transportation system and we can’t wait to put many more Mobius cars in the hands of Kenyan customers, ” says the founder and CEO of Mobius Motors, Joel Jackson.

“The new Mobius II is rugged, robust, and reliable, developed and built right here in Kenya and designed for the broad range of driving conditions of the local environment,’’ stated Sunru Yong, COO of Mobius Motors.

“Mobius continues to break new ground in this market, and we are very excited for the upcoming launch.”

The company is currently accepting pre-orders for the new Mobius II. To learn more about the product, the company and how to place a pre-order.