Government using KRA to fight local brewers- Keroche Industries

KerocheFollowing the list published in today’s Daily Nation newspaper by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), we wish to state that the noticeis illegal.

We believe this notice was published by KRA prior to receiving a court order issued this Wednesday, July 22, 2015 suspending the contents of the letter sent by KRA to Keroche Brewerieson July 14, 2015.

We, therefore, want to assure our consumers that we are acting within the law and as such, are authorized to continue conducting business.

All that Keroche Breweries owes KRA is taxes for the month of July.

We do not wish to be seen as fighting KRA. We are not its competitors. We are their customers as they collect huge taxes from Keroche Breweries. In our understanding, customers should be treated with respect.

If KRA can be allowed to issue an investor with a letter one morning to withdrawtheir excise license or any other license to manufacture goods, what message does the country send with a whim of such a letter to close a business?

The action of KRA is creating a bad environment for investors in Kenya, both local and foreign. Instead of protecting and promoting local businesses, the Government is instead creating fear and worry among existing and upcoming business investors.Suchan act confuses investors, sends panic and creates a bad picture for Kenya, which should be to encourage investment.

His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee Government have been working tirelessly to build an enabling environment to encourage both local and foreign investors into the country to build the economy.

As a result, KRA act should be discouraged with the highest order so that it does not stop businessmen and women from investing in the country.

Keroche Breweries demands for fair competition. Let the brands compete for their market share in the market. All Keroche Breweries wants is fair competition of different brands. Let us not see Government offices and officers being used to fight competition.

We must all fight for the rights of consumers to have as many quality brands in the market so they can make choices of their preferred brands.

We ask the Government, therefore, to protect our business. We have penetrated a market that was jealously guarded and monopolized for the last 90 years. We have worked very hard for the last 18 years and invested heavily in the country. We deserve respect as we have earned the right to be valued in this business and in the country.