FASUD offers soybeans farmers value addition kit to boost income

Beneficiaries of soykit value addition

By MN Reporter

Several soybeans farmers in Migori county have benefited from value addition kitties that will boost their income and tackle malnutrition.

The soybean kit has been distributed between the partnership of FASUD, which is based in Stella center and contains a grinder, wonder bag which is heat rentition bag, filter clothes, seizing cloth, weighing scale and other items.

“The kit will help in making soy milk, soy yoghurt and tofu among other value addition products and will benefit individuals and groups,” Vincent Airo, the Fasud field officer said.

The kit, can turn 600g of soy which is valued at Ksh30 to produce 3.5 liters of soy milk and turned it into 3.5 liters of yoghurt which has a value of ShSh600.

“This is the best way to increase value for soybeans and add income to women and small scale farmers which will also boost nutrition of the family,” Mercy Kosgey, a farmer said.

She said the kit will help in boosting immunity for family in fighting cancer and hypertension.

The distribution will help create entrepreneurs and has been faciliated with the help from Malnutrition Matters from Canada among other partners.