We are incurring huge loses over NASA demos – Migori Business Community.

The coffin for Ezra Chiloba

By MN Reporter
Residents running various businesses within Migori town have said they are incurring huge loses as demonstrations against Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) take shape across the county.

The residents said the demonstrations called by National Super Alliance principals pushing for IEBC reforms were taking place on ‘their days of businesses.

According to a Mitumba vendor Richard Otieno, they made most of their sales on Mondays and Fridays which are market days but lamented that the days have been taken over by the demonstrations.

“We are forced to rely on meager sales between the rest of the days of which we usually get very little to rely on,” Otieno said.

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Otieno said most businessmen keep off town during Mondays and Fridays with the few brave ones who open their businesses sometimes incurring double losses.

“These demonstrations are not predicatable as thieves take advantage of the situation and loot our kiosks,” Otieno said.

Mwalimu Oyoo, who sells chicken in Wouth Ogik, said demonstrations are not the best ways to call for reforms even though it they are protected in the constitution.

“In as much as we may succeed in having the reforms we are pushing for, we will have made several strides backwards economically,” Oyoo said.

Oyoo however called on Migori Politicians not to incite residents but contain and lead them through peaceful demonstrations.

“As business people, we will lay all the blame on leaders who fail to contain the crowds they are leading,” Oyoo said.

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But Teddy Otieno urged the vendors to look at the good the demostrations will bring to the country.

“We are ideally fighting a repressive regime and when we triumph, we will all enjoy the fruits regardless of the side you are on now,” Otieno an M-Pesa proprietor said.

He urged Kenyans not to relent in fighting for a better Kenya.