Recruitment for county lands board started

By MN Reporter

Migori County Government and the National Lands Board have started the recruitment of the County Lands Management Board that will deal with the past land injustices and set up legislative policies on land in the county.

The County Public Service Board Chairman, Vitalis Nyatuga, said that the two bodies have completed interviews and soon the seven-member board will be constituted before it is presented for the vetting at the County Assembly.

“We have carried out interviews and hopefully will get competent people who will be vetted by the assembly. We will consider regional, ethnic and gender balancing during short-listing,” he said.

He said the board will now collect information from the locals before policy formulations in order to issue title deeds to the genuine land owners in the county.

National Lands Act requires the county governments to have full established County Lands Management Board that is to ensure locals participate in land policy formulations and legislation.

The National Lands Board, Commissioner, Dr Samuel Tororei, said that the county lands boards should competitively established and proposed to the assemblies for vetting to ensure competent people were given the jobs.

He said historical land injustices have led to conflicts and deaths of many Kenyans and it is important for every county government to form the boards without political interferences.

“Land issues are so important and as a country we should have the biggest investment in it. We must divorce politics from the management of land matters,” he said.

He urged the National Treasury and the County Executive committees in charge of lands to ensure proper allocation of funds to be used in solving land issues affecting the locals.

Tororei called on the National Assembly to reject the recently proposed land amendments that requires the abolishment of the National Lands Commission.

“The MPs should protect the commission and we appeal to them to reject the proposal since the commission is constitutionally established and consists of professionals,” he added.

Migori County Executive Member for Lands and Housing, Michael Ogutu, said that the county has faced a number of land-related challenges that the creation of the board will solve.

He said with the coming of the County Lands Management Board, the county government will be able to allocate public land to both local and foreign investors who have shown interest in the county and issue title deeds to the people.