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OPINION POLL: Anyanga most popular Nyatike MP candidate with 33.9%, see what Odege got

By MN Reporter A pollster has placed former Nyatike MP Edick Anyanga, UPIA candidate as the front runner in the constituency race ahead of August 9 polls. Mizani Africa has…

Tom Odege is Nyatike MP elect, beating Odiso

By MN Reporter Nyatike MP elect is Tom Odege after beating his closest rival Odiso Ogenga. Odege (ODM) garnered 25,780 votes against Odiso who got 21,801

NYATIKE: Civil servants sue Odege over abuse of office, want him barred from polls. He refutes

By MN Reporter With less than a week to the ODM party primaries, Kenya Union of Civil Servants secretary general and Nyatike MP aspirant Tom Odege is facing law suit…