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(VIDEO) Jimmi Wanjigi Visits Got Kweru; Legio Maria and Luos Holy Ground

By MN Reporter By MN Reporter Politician and businessman Jimmi Wanjigi visited Got Kweru in Migori county, a hill considered as a holy ground by the Legio Maria and Luos….

(VIDEO) Legio Maria Not Satisfied With 2022 Elections, Calls For Reforms- Pope Kalul

By MN Reporter The Legio Maria church leadership has called for elections reforms to ensure credible and verifiable elections in the future. The church’s Pope, Lawrence Kalul said the best…

Fear of attack at Legio Maria holy shrine God Kweru over leadership wrangles

By MN Reporter Legio Maria faithful have called on police to offer them security at God Kweru shrine in Suna West over fears of attacks following prolonged leadership wrangles. During…