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FULL SPEECH: These are the ghost workers from the just concluded staff audit

PRELIMINARY FINDINGS ON THE JUST CONCLUDED STAFF HEADCOUNT 2018 During the headcount exercise, we had a total 3345 employees in the payroll. Out of this, 3078 employees turned up. We…

Head count used to harass workers not politically connected, Union says after Obado launch

By Timothy Mugo Twitter: @MigoriNews Migori county government workers have faulted the head count process to wed out ghost workers launched by governor Okoth Obado. Through their union, Migori County…

Migori to withdraw millions, pay employees in cash to weed out ghost workers

By MN Reporter Migori County will withdraw millions of shillings to physically pay its workers’ July salary in an attempt to weed out ghost workers four years after devolution. County…