(VIDEO) Migori Youth resumes training after Covid 19, promotes 3 academy players amid trials

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By MN Reporter

Migori Youth FC has promoted three academy players to senior team amid ongoing trials to bolster performance ahead of National Super League reopening.


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The team’s head coach, told Migori News in a special YouTube interview for their channel managed by this site, that last season they let go over half of their squad.

“We were started as an Academy, Migori Youth Talent Academy for our main aim is to nurture and release talent to other teams,” Ojienda said.

Ojienda said the team has different development stages for players for ages 10-18 which makes such a move to be highly advisable.


This channel is powered by Migori News

“We are promoting three youngsters to the senior team to help them gain experience, we have lost several key players to other team and for the past two weeks we have started trials,” Ojienda said.

He said that last season they finished fifth in the National Super League and they plan to be promoted to the top tier this season.