Rongo picks para-olympic team for county tourney

By MN Reporter

Rickey Ochieng and Taffy Anyango from Siala and Ngere primary schools respectively will represent Rongo sub-county for the Migori county Paralympics athletics championships after clinching the 100 meters finals.

Rickey crossed the finishing line in 15.1.23 seconds clock before Taffy finishes in 16.3.52 seconds.

Valary Aluoch from Kudho primary school clocked 5.minutes 33 seconds before Kevin Odhiambo from St. Dalmas crossed the line in 5 minute 12 seconds ready to represent the sub-county in 1500m race.

Joseph Andago from Matagaro primary school also qualified in the 400 meters men final race after clocking a time of 2minutes 45seconds as Emaculate Adhiambo finishes the women 400 meters race in a time of 2minutes 56 seconds.

Cynthia Adhiambo from Matagaro and Robert Odhimabo of Kamondi primary schools will also represent the sub-county in the 400 metres visually impared race before Sammy Onyango from Nyarach and Emaculate Odhiambo from Dago kuwuor represents the sub-county in the 50 meters low ability race.

Elizabeth Awuor from Nyaburu primary school Brian Omondi will square it out in both women and men walk race.
Tobias Odongo and Evance Ngere from Omware primary school also qualified for the 800 meters lower and upper limbs race.

Ilda Onyango Nyagaya who the chair person of the Migori county Paralympics athletics games who also is the headteacher of Matagaro primary school said the wins were just a rehearsal for the county games which will take place on early April at Korondo primary school.

Nyagaya said that all the pupils that participated in the games showed their best but those who won deserved the victories.

“We are optimistic that the individuals we have recruited for the county paralympics athletics games will represent us perfectly and that is why we always aspire to empower such people with special needs.,”Nyagaya noted.