OWIGO: Will Osiany leading Adventists at Ben’s funeral, give him SDA backing in senator race?

David Osiany

By Williams Owigo

From where I sit and following my last digest of Senator Ben Oluoch Okello send off, I can comfortably opine the likely candidate to bag the populous Adventist votes in the country.

Okello’s funeral offered an opportune moment of political grandstanding despite the former journalist’s family giving their preferred heir in their son.

The funeral profile was upped when former Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno was selected as chair of the funeral committee who plans to dust shock of last poll loss in senator by-elections.

But it was not a mere fluke that the Seventh Day Adventist church, the most populous in Migori, to give former UoN student leader David Osiany the solemn responsibility of leading the congregation in the hymnal.

When he rose, Osiany didn’t disappoint as any staunch Adventist at the funeral will tell you he did justice to the song when he gave each constituency a go at the song.

These acts, considered together, gave a glimpse of a stronger signal of the church’s say for the next senator considering that the immediate occupier was himself a staunch Adventist.

I believe any contest billed against an Adventist is dead on arrival as the SDA faithfuls command 65 per cent of county voting population.

Whether Osiany will take the church’s cue and throw himself in the senatorial ring remains to be seen, but as a mere commentator I have done my part to decipher the event.

If he affirms his candidature, it will be a ‘David-Goliath’ scenario as he will send political bigwigs to their graves.

Over to you, King David.

(The writer is a political activists who comments on political and social issues)