Obado is welcomed to Nyatike today, but….


By Kennedy Okongo

Good Morning good people. I am told that Hon Boaz Kamogo, MCA North Kadem will be host to His Excellency the Governor Migori County and The Minister for Agriculture at Nyakweri today. They are welcome

There is every indication that the area is going to experience some semblance of good harvest as compared to Zero harvest that was there last year.

This should not fool them but they should see it as a highly potential area where agricultural activities can be initiated as a business to help improve lives and alleviate poverty.

The lower Kuna irrigation project appears to have stalled if you ask me. The first phase was shrouded in mystery especially with regard to the locals who are likely to be affected.

The names of people whose lands have been taken ought to have been published and the question whether they got adequate compensation is still alive and needs to be addressed. We need answers.

Our area is predominantly pastoral. Can they help to improve our breeds like in Masai land.? Can they help establish a livestock multiplication centre/ bull project?

Can they help eradicate tick borne diseases and eliminate ticks from the area? This is a request for functional cattle dips. Seriously.

Can they help do dams/water pans which can hold water for up to 4 months? Especially in areas far flung from the natural water points?

Please make the agricultural extension services work for us especially in the livestock sector

We always hear of subsidized certified seeds and fertilizer being distributed for free in other areas when people are just about to plant. Why are we cursed?

And to the Governor, Hon Obado. Please give us concrete development initiatives you have earmarked for the area.

Open and maintain for us roads and road networks. We need safe drinking water kind all the others, equip our dispensaries and health centres.

Help those who have the capacity to acquire mineral dealers and export licences and protect those involved in mining from unnecessary police harassment etc etc etc etc

One whole financial year is gone and we seem to be at the same old sport where we were 50 years ago in terms of development. Kindly help us taste the fruits of devolution by initiating tangible development initiatives in the area.

Please consider scrapping the never ending levies on boda boda operators or introduce an annual fee not a daily charge.

You can add on this.

(The writer is an advocate of the High Court and opinion leader in Migori County. This article was lifted from his FB account)