Migori is bigger than an Individual

ProfWith the ongoing Supreme Court case against Migori county governor elections we are in court and not at war with each other.

Once it is over Migori should remain united around a common agenda for equitable social development.

We can and should make this happen by remaining civil and truthful to what we stand for and not whom we fight for or against; even in the cowardly safety of anonymity of the internet-based social media.

Let us fight over policies/values/principles and not anything else, particularly those that have to do with the neck of the wood we hail from, age, gender, constituency, tribe and education.

The proof of maturity in our politics as people of Migori must be found in the manner in which we can differ without abusing each other, compete without making enemies out of the people of Migori.

We cannot develop Migori with a narrative seared in senseless animosity that seems to drive some of our political contestations. But let us not compromise on democracy and popular participation.

The future is as bright as you dare make it. But it can be as grim as you forget to be truthful to what you believe in and how you plan to achieve it.

 See you in court either in person or spirit. Let Migori remain larger than our mortal egos.”

Prof Edward Akong’o Oyugi, the petitioner.