Jubilee planning to shut down media, Facebook and WhatsApp on August 8- Blogger Saddat

The Jubilee Bus

By Anwar Saddat

There is credible information that the Jubilee government is planning a total communications black out in kenya from 8/8/17 until the end of the elections.

According to the source, Jubilee will cut off all form of mobile communications in kenya from Election Day and will be working with internet providers to Jam the internet.

This is an attempt to interrupt communications between party agents and their political party headquarters and also to keep Kenyans in the darkness as the voting and relaying of results will be going on.

All TV stations in eKnya will get their signals and broadcast information from KBC, which according to the plan, will be under the control of a few security officials who have been briefed into the Jubilee plans.

This the last option of Jubilee to attempt and subvert the popular will of the people of kenya.

We are working on how to bypass Jubilee blockade on communications and will be giving out details to all NASA supporters on the steps to follow to remain in communication on those critical days.

Uhuru Kenyatta must be held responsible for any violence that may occur in kenya.

Kindly share the message to expose Jubilee and their schemes.