JIM BONNIE: Why impeaching Obado is a patriotic duty

(DISCLAIMER:Views you are about to read are solely for the writer, and doesn’t represent Migori News’)

I never write about governor Okoth Obado, especially on a well thought out opinion piece even though there are plethora of issues to write about him; one because I don’t like giving unmerited publicity to people charged in court for crime and murder.

Secondly because whenever I do so I’m falsely accused by his supporters of peddling vendetta.

Nevertheless the peculiarities of the present circumstances oblige me to render my intellectual thoughts not for any ulterior motive but for public scrutiny and to fiercely fight for a honorable space in the right side of history.

And so I hereby opine:

When the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) gave the green light to prefer charges against Migori county governor  Okoth Obado over Sh73 million believed to be from tax payers money, Kenyans were dumbfounded.

On the contrary, most of Migori residents like me were not taken back by the charges which exposed a web of corruption led by the governor at the acme with his immediate family and proxies tagging along.

It showed that since Obado came to office his pet projects have been larceny, venality and maleficence which he has executed with reckless abandon.

Evidence from investigations before court showed that Obado paid education expenses of his children abroad and part of the money used to buy a lavish house in Nairobi for the governor’s daughter – probably as a birthday gift.

Gross, you think? Come with me.

While the this was going at the family level, netizens of Migori have complained about missing essential services.

I know it is difficult to believe this but mark you Migori is the only county with no piped water; there are no essential medicines in hospitals; roads are in doleful state – except the one leading to the governor’s private residence in Rapogi which is tarmacked.

Markets are choking with garbage and foul smell and the list of the governor’s unforgivable sins would take us a whole day to exhaust.

Nonetheless, it should be construed that the Sh73 million before court is just a tip of an iceberg, reports previously indicated a colossal amount of Sh2.5 billion that is currently under investigations by the EACC with more arrests under the way.

Now, without even going into finer details of how the governor has taken the county hostage by placing his relatives and in-laws in critical positions at the county to facilitate his thieving empire, paying a militia called “Sangwenya” to maim any dissenting voices, facilitating a brainless propaganda machine to bully people on social media, the charges by the DPP provides sufficient grounds for impeachment.

That’s why I’m calling upon the MCAs of Migori County Assembly to seize this historic moment and send Obado home for the posterity of our county.

History will judge them punitively if they squander this opportunity and fall for Obado’s largesse, intimidation and threats.

We owe it to the future generation to secure the future of our great county by taking Obado’s filthy hands off it. There is abundance of reasons and plausible grounds to send Obado parking. We have endured enough as a county and a time to say enough is enough is now.

Can you imagine that we keep watching as other counties are making impressive progress and massively reaping from the dividends of devolution while Migori is kept under siege by a man whose greed is bigger than his dreams? It is therefore clear that for Migori residents to enjoy the fruits of devolution Obado must be impeached.

This honorable duty falls on the doorsteps of Migori county MCAs. They have no choice. They must drain the swamp or the repercussions of subverting Obado’s impeachment will be cataclysmic both to them and to the county.

(Jim Bonnie a political commentator)