Woman reveals how rapist asked her HIV status, three suspects arraigned in Rongo

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Three people were yesterday arraigned at the Rongo law courts after they were arrested in connection with a rape incident in Rongo town.

The suspects Stephen Onyango, Evance Ochieng’ and Edwin Otieno were arrested in connection with the rape of a woman from Kabuoro village in Rongo town.

Speaking to the press, Jane Atieno (not her real name) said her house was broken into by a man who forced himself on her.

Atieno* while narrating the harrowing incident said the assailant asked her HIV status after he had raped her severally threatening to kill her if she infected him.

According to the woman she heard a sound of something dropping into her house on the fateful night but assumed it might have been caused by rain that was falling that night.

She said she heard a brief commotion in the house after about 20 minutes when someone came to her bed and blindfolded her.

“The person threatened to kill me if I made any sound then proceeded to do what he did onto me,” a teary Atieno* narrated.

She added, “The man rapped me severally then paused to ask me where my husband and children were which I answered in fear but then resumed raping me.”

The woman said the man then asked the woman if she was for the idea that he helps kill her husband since he was not available for her.

The man then held her by her hand and took her to his sitting room briefly then he let go off her hand for about a minute then held her hand again and led her back to the bedroom.

The distraught woman said the man went ahead and demanded that she hands over all the money which she had in the house before he left.

“I told him that the only money I had belonged to our church and was about Ksh900 which he took together with my phone and left,” she said.

Atieno said the man this time demanded to know whether she was HIV positive then asked for the keys to the main door then left.

“He said they have been monitoring my movements and said that some other people would come to rape me again.

The suspects were detained for four more days as the investigating officer asked for more time to conduct further investigations.