PHOTOS: Corona-like funeral, did Wetangula’s brother die of the virus?

Medical personnel spraying the coffin

By MN Reporter

Kenyans on social media were left dumb-founded as images of burial of Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula surfaced on social media.

Medical personnel received the coffin and acted as pall bearers

Despite tight security at the Wednesday in Mukhweya village, photos showed that the weird funeral was likely Antony Waswa, 48, succumbed to apparent Covid-19 complications in Nairobi last week.

Strict social distancing was organised at the funeral

At the time of his death, Waswa was the personal assistant of his other brother Tim Wanyonyi who is the MP for Westlands.

Both Wetangula and Wanyonyi were present during the burial.

Medics around the coffin

Only 60 people, including local leaders were allowed to attend the one hour brief funeral.