We will table Obado’s ouster motion next week, 31 ODM MCAs are in- Mbadi

Rongo MP Paul Abuor looks on as Uriri MP Mark Nyamita addresses delegates at Maranatha grounds

By MN Reporter

The ODM party will table the impeachment motion against Migori governor Okoth Obado next week, party national chairman John Mbadi said.

The Suba South MP said it was unfortunate that mass media and bloggers claimed that the motion failed because it was tabled earlier this week.



“The impeachment is a process, and currently MCAs have finalised the motion which will be tabled this week. Obado is going home, believe that,” Mbadi said.

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He claimed only ODM has already secured 31 MCAs, with other parties and those who were elected in independent ticket showing interest.

“We are keen to know those elected and nominated ODM MCAs still hiding away that they want to be bribed. We want to tell them we have the numbers and they should stand with people,” Mbadi said.

He said it was sad that MCAs are still dilly-dallying with on the outser while they have been demonstrating against Obado over delayed bursaries and residents asking about non-existent projects and skewed employment.



He said if Obado thought he was so popular in Migori, he could have chosen to stick with his PDP part which he was elected on in 2013 instead of coming back to ODM.

“Those MCAs still skipping around the impeachment should know i know Obado and he is my friend, so when i say he came to beg me and Raila to be back to ODM he knew his weak point,” Mbadi said.

He said they are they are confident of getting enough numbers in the assembly to impeach Obado when the motion will be tabled.

He was speaking at Maranatha grounds in Migori town when the party organised a meeting of over 600 delegates, elected and opinion leader to drum up support for the motion.

“The motion is about people of Migori, we have MCAs from other parties and independent ticket who are supporting the motion while we still have ODM MCAs afraid of their own shadows,” Mbadi said.