(VIDEO) Omamba, Nyamita should repair Kabwana-Ongito-Thim Lich road, save voters from paying ‘cess’

By MN Reporter

Voters in North Kanyamkago ward, Uriri constituency have called on elected leaders to repair the Kabwana-Ongito-Thim Lich road which has been in disrepair for months.

Voters said for months because of poor maintenance and drainage which connects Uriri and Nyatike constituencies they have been forced to use an alternative route in a farm belonging to Mama Leonida Atieno.

“At first locals requested for me to allow them to pass, then motorbikes came. Afterwards there were tractors, probox and lorries and my farm became a road. For a year we couldn’t even farm,” Atieno said.

Road users paying ‘cess’ at Kabwana-Ongito-Thim Lich Road in North Kanyamkago ward, Uriri constituency

She said her children decided to erect blocks on the road and ask for token as we could not farm and we are in bad shape financially.

“I want this road to be repair and my land left for farming, i am old and even funds meant elderly i have never been considered,” she said.

Wilson Aluma, her son said it was sad that local leaders North Kanyamkago MCA George Omamba and area MP Mark Nyamita have been passing on this same road and pretend they are blind.

“Those two have refused to repair the road and shamelessly pass her and incite locals against us, we will stop collecting money from them and they should go to the public road,” Aluma said.

A section of Kabwana-Ongito-Thim Lich road

The family said the road should be repaired.

Nicholas Abong’o a local said each time he passes by the road he has to part with at least Sh20 on foot, motorbikes and other vehicles pay more.

“We have a problem and this is not political, we need this road to be repaired from our elected leaders. We are voters and have our concerns,” Abong’o said.

He said he has to use the road as he is forced to visit his ailing mother daily.

“If this family locks us out of this road then we will be doomed, we have elected leaders and we also have our votes we will make our decision,” Abong’o said.