(VIDEO) Machage’s family will still make impact on August 9 general elections- son Steve

The family of the late Migori senator Wilfred Machage has said they are contemplating their next political move and not ruling on August 9, including not ruling out fielding candidates.

Machage’s first son Steve said the family has been already been approached for political discourse, not only among the Kuria community but also Migori county and national politics.

“As a family our doors are open and already we have received elders, opinion shapers and politicians to help chat the political discourse of the country. We are still seeking directions and consulting as a family,” Steve said.

Steve said the immediate former Nigerian High Commissioner who was Migori first senator and served as Kuria legislator for two terms has decided not to take part as a candidate in the August 9 general elections.

“As a family we were firmly behind President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, we will still stand by them on the next polls,” Steve said.

He said the family will not rule out fielding a candidate for either Kuria East seat or a county seat, “but will still focus on national politics.”

This comes as elders and leaders from Kuria community are already meeting to get another person from the community to take up the ambassador position left by Machage, a rallying call during his burial on March 4.

The community elders and opinion leaders have also picked June as a last time to offer directions for elective and voting pattern.

“In Kuria we give directions through clans and opinion shapers, we have been taking active role in this as a family,” he said.

He said before he passed on Machage had many dreams and plans for Kuria,” which we will still nature on through a Machage Foundation as a means of thanking all Kenyans who stood by us at this trying moment.”

Steve is a policy consultant with stints at Kenya and East Africa parliament, and United Nations and is currently undertaking his PhD at Daystar University.