Senator Moi calls out politicians for instigating violence to block his planned coronation as Kalenjin elder and Community Spokesperson in Nandi

Senator Gideon Moi speaking to his supporters in Nandi earlier today.

We wish to condemn in the strongest terms possible an incident earlier today in which rowdy youths barricaded roads, ostensibly to deny Hon. Gideon Moi entry into Kapsisiywa area of Nandi County where he had been invited by Talai Elders to be coroneted as a Kalenjin leader.

We view this as an act of cowardice by well-known political detractors whose main pre-occupation has always been desperate attempts to curtail the ever growing influence of other leaders in the region and to suppress the democratic space for their own selfish interest.

We wish to take this opportunity to commend the innocent youth, some of whom have confessed as having been hired to cause mayhem, for the civil manner they conducted themselves despite being incited to act in the contrary.

To avoid falling into the evil scheme that would have led into chaotic confrontation, Hon. Moi proceeded to Kabiyet Trading Center where he interacted freely with wananchi.

Seemingly, the poorly concealed intention of the orchestrators of this savagery was to entrap the Senator in their staged confrontation in a desperate quest to settle an imaginary political score.

The otherwise peaceful residents of Sang’alo area of Nandi County, where the youth were posted, were simply pawns in a wider scheme by political figures whose historical association with intolerance is well documented.

Such acts by politicians who often conveniently proclaim competition on the platform of issues but resort to intimidation when it suits their agenda can only be described as despicable, primitive and have no place in the current political dispensation.

It is time we desist from exploiting the vulnerabilities of the young people and setting them on the path of violence because it negates our collective pursuit for a nation united by ideals.

Otherwise, I wish to reaffirm that this is just the beginning of the series of activities the Senator has embarked on to reach out to the people of Kenya and neither violence nor intimidation will stop him.

Joseph Towett
Secretary of Press,
Office of Senator Gideon Moi.