Raila backs Obado’s ouster, ODM MCAs against motion will be punished- Migori ODM leaders

The Migori county ODM county leadership during the press conference

By MN Reporter,

Migori county ODM officials have said party leader Raila Odinga has blessed the impeachment motion against governor Okoth Obado.

Speaking at the party headquarters in Migori town on Tuesday, county leaders said they were ready for the impeachment motion after earlier attempts were thwarted by Odinga.

“We had earlier attempted to impeach Obado, but Raila dissuaded us severally. This time round he has blessed it,” Philip Makabong’o, county chairman said.

“We will punish and discipline errant MCAs as per party constitution if they fail to support governor Okoth Obado’s Impeachment,” chairman Philip Makabongo.

Makabong’o said all MCAs allied to the party will have to support the motion or face discplinary party according to the constitution.

“According to the party constitution, those who will go against the decision will face action,” Makabong’o said.

Joseph Michael, the party county secretary said they are ready to take charge of Deputy Governor Mwita Mahanga.

“It is governor Okoth Obado who made his choice twice, without any party push, to pick his deputy Mwita Mahanga. We trust him in his choice that is why we are sure after the impeachment Mahanga will be best place to steer Migori forward,” Michael, said.

Eric Opany, the county youth leader said they needed security for MCAs at the assembly against chaos.

“We are calling for peace among Migori residents, the decision will be picked by MCAs to impeach governor Okoth Obado who is an Individual. We have reported cases of intimidation, both MCAs, county officials and residents. We call for peace and not chaos,” .Opany said.