Pesa terms as propaganda links to Ruto’s point man Obado, as Ayacko and Migori pile pressure

Migori governor aspirant on DAP-K ticket John Pesa, Deputy President William Ruto and his point man Okoth Obado

By MN Reporter

Migori governor aspirant on DAP-K ticket John Pesa denied links to Deputy President William Ruto and his Nyanza point man, governor Okoth Obado.

Pesa, said rumours of the links have been started by his rivals who are afraid of his popularity on the ground.

This was after a function on May 9 at Karamu center in Kuria West constituency when Obado said his line-up for campaigns in the county will include Ruto as president and him for governor.

“It is only a madman who can associate me with Ruto, this is propaganda by my rivals who are scared of being rejected by voters,” Pesa said.

He said he firmly supports “Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga. What Obado said was his idea, I am nobody’s stooge and no one can speak for me since I was elected as MP and as a teacher.”

His remarks comes after more pressure have been piled on him over the remarks, including from his own DAP-K party in Migori.

“We need Pesa to come out strongly and distance himself not only from Ruto and hustlers, but also from Obado. As party officials we are worried over this association which will antagonise our presidential candidate,” Samuel Migore, the DAP-K chairman in Migori said.


Migore, speaking to the press in Migori town.

Earlier, Migori senator Ochillo Ayacko who is the front runner in the governor race hinted over Obado’s May 9 remarks.

“We knew from word go that Obado was Ruto’s point man, and we know he has been planting candidates under Azimio to distabilise Raila’s presidency,” Ayacko said.