Over 68,000 Nyanza 2007/08 election victims yet to be paid despite Raila lauding handshake

Steven Oguta Otieno, 23, who was shot during anti-IEBC demos in Migori town at the Migori Referral Hospital in 2017 poll

By MN Reporter

ODM leader Raila Odinga has been challenged to stop push through Building Bridges Initiative if 2007/08 post-election violence in his own Nyanza backyard are not paid.

While the regions over 68,000 listed victims by government are yet to be paid like their Central and Nyanza counterparts, Raila has been pushing through a new unity pact with President Uhuru Kenyatta under the handshake.

Peter Kariuki, the Kenya national chairman of IDPs association said Raila and Kenyatta should undergo a deep soul searching and tell victims who have been suffering for over 10 years where their dues are.

He said Central and Rift Valley victims were paid by government a total of Sh750,000 each, had houses and amenities build for them to move forward while Nyanza was ignored.

“The two leaders should know that the peace and inclusivity they are preaching is a mirage to victims in Nyanza, we need all Kenyans treated equally” Kariuki said.

A July 2019 report by the auditor general pointed that several millions were lost out of Sh2.7billion allocated for compensation while Nyanza region never benefitted.

“Money meant for IDPs was stolen by very few greedy individuals, while in Nyanza the amount was lost completely,” he said.

Paul Ouma who is the chairman of IDPs in Migori and lost an eye in the chaos vowed to led peaceful demonstrations against the BBI report and handshake if they are not paid in two weeks.

“We have been threatened each time we raise our voices for help, the lack of government payment has seen conmen soliciting Sh500 to Sh10,000 from us for payment while our leaders have come up with new initiatives under BBI on our blood and suffering,” Ouma said.

Ouma said that it is sad that the same politicians who caused Kenyans to fight in Nyanza and have victim’s blood in their hands are remorseless over their plight.

The two said they plan demonstrations to force through the payment.