ODM calls all Migori MCAs for Tuesday meeting at headquarters sparking Obado impeachment claims

By MN Reporter

The ODM party has called all Migori MCAs allied to the party at the headquarters in Nairobi on Tuesday, only hours after governor Okoth Obado was barred from office by court.

The Tuesday meeting, which was being organised in the morning sparked claims of attempts to impeach Obado with the governor taking to blogging on popular WhatsApp group over the claims.

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Migori majority leader and South Sakwa MCA Ken Ngoro confirmed to the Star over the phone about the Tuesday meeting.

Ngoro insisted the meeting was about development and not impeachment of Obado.

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“The main agenda will be on spearheading development in Migori county and not to impeach Obado, what he is facing is before court and it will not be dealt with politically” Ngoro said.

Speaking to the press on Monday after suddenly turning up at the assembly after a year absence, speaker Boaz Okoth refused to directly comment on the matter of impeachment, Obado being barred from office or being present at Tuesday meeting.


Okoth is a close confidant and right hand of Obado who manages his interests in the assembly and dreams of replacing the county boss in 2022 general elections when he finishes his term.

Obado is still processing bail terms to be released, although he will not be able to access his office.

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