Obado outwits Raila, ODM as assembly changes Majority Leader, Majority Whip

When Obado defected from PDP to ODM in the past general elections

By MN Reporter

Migori governor Okoth Obado on May 5 outwitted Raila Odinga and ODM party to make changes in the assembly leadership.

Despite decamping from ODM and moving into People Democratic Party (PDP) and not having even a single MCA, Obado’s hand was all over the changes which were announced by his ally speaker Boaz Okoth.

Speaker announced changes that set aside South Sakwa MCA Ouma Ngoro as the majority leader to be replaced by East Sakwa MCA Nestroy Owiyo and South Kamagambo MCA Kevins Keke replaced as the Majority Whip with his East Kamagambo counterpart Shadrack Nyawade.


Okoth said out of 41 MCAs from the majority ODM party, 27 signed for the removal of the two in a terse sitting on Wednesday evening.

But immediately after the move, Ngoro, Keke and Muhuru Bay MCA Hevron Maira and South Kanyamkago MCA Graham Kagali termed the move as a means of placing PDP sympathisers illegally to undermine the orange party in the assembly and the region.

“We were never involved in the decision, it was taken by known PDP sympathizers who want to undermine the ODM party and entrench corruption and bad management in the assembly,” he said.

Kagali said ODM party will not be taken for a ride and the move will be challenged not only in the Orange House but also through all avenues.

But Nyawade and Owiyo said the changes were done through the ODM party MCAs and insisted there was no PDP or Obado’s hand in the move and said the two had poor work ethics that is why they were removed.