Obado moved from prison ‘VIP section’, here is how he will now live

Migori governor Okoth Obado while at Milimani Law Courts

By MN Reporter

After media exposé, Migori Governor Okoth Obado has been moved from a “VIP section” to a block where suspects charged with capital offences are held at Nairobi’s Industrial Area Remand Prison.

Among media houses which aired the story were People Daily and Citizen TV with our premium site Migori News posting it too.

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Last Thursday, Justice Lesiit sent Obado back to remand for 11 more days, coming as a major blow since he had already been behind bars for a week.

According to today’s People Daily Obado has been moved from the section to other common area, the paper points out the following services which Obado has been denied:

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  • The governor is now reportedly blending with other suspects donning a grey uniform. Earlier it was said he was wearing civilian cloathes.
  • He now shares toilet and bathroom with three or four suspects who are also capital offenders. Highly likely he is using “buckets used by ordinary remandies.”
  • VIP treatment of own room, access to newspapers and television denied
  • His day starts at around 6.30am when breakfast—porridge— is served. Prisoners are allowed to bask in sun, or access prison library
  • Lunch is then served at 11 am, today he will eat: ugali, rice and beans. His food is better cooked though
  • Obado has a canteen voucher, but will only access it from 8-10am unlike  unlimited access from VIP section
  • Dinner is served at 4 pm. 
  • Doors to cells are then locked at 6.30pm for evening prayers before sleeping