Gideon Moi

On behalf of my family, the people of Baringo County, and the entire KANU fraternity, I wish all Kenyans a happy and prosperous New Year 2021. May this be the year of renewal of our national spirit embedded in our quest for a transition from a nation of blood ties to that of ideals.

In this regard, I am cognizant of the extraordinary times that 2020 brought forth. We have witnessed the infestation of our lands by locusts that destroyed crops, and the outbreak and spread of Covid-19.

Not only did the Covid-19 pandemic spell doom for every aspect of our lives, but it also caused physical pain and suffering, emotional turmoil as well as the destruction of our livelihoods, thus occasioning uncertainty about our future.

Particularly, our economy has been hit hard by this pandemic, interrupting our growth trajectory in an unprecedented manner. As the leading foreign exchange earner in the country, the tourism sector suffered a major blow as a result of the stringent measures set to contain Covid-19.

Therefore, 2021 offers us another chance to critically look into the status of our economy and develop sound recovery strategies that respond to the needs of the people. This is in line with one of the fundamental ideals that we espouse as a party; that of protecting and promoting our local economies.

Additionally, I want to salute our gallant frontline health workers as the heroes of this pandemic. Many of them sacrificed their time and comfort to heed to the call of something bigger than themselves to combat this disease and protect our nation.

To those whose mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends, and neighbors paid the ultimate sacrifice saving this nation from Covid-19, we share in your grief. Receive our deepest sympathies and may God grant you the fortitude to bear and overcome the pain.

However, I derive hope in the profound resilience we have shown throughout this devastating period as a people. We have held each other’s hands; walked together in the darkest of hours; comforted each other in times of grief; inspired one another in the face of despair and proved once more that humanity triumphs over darkness.

In the meantime, I call all on each one of us to support the government in the pursuit of re-opening schools to bridge the time gap created by the loss of an entire academic year.

And finally, as KANU, we have committed ourselves to join hands with leaders who aspire to create a free, prosperous, and united nation founded on respect for the rule of law and equitable distribution of national resources through devolution.

We shall continue on that trajectory relentlessly so that we usher in a constitution that will be beneficial to all Kenyans.

Thank you and may God bless Kenya.

Hon. Senator Gideon Moi
National Chairman – KANU.