NASA not falling apart, Uriri MP Nyamita says

By MN Reporter

Uriri MP has asked the media in the country not to spread lies of there being disagreement among parties within the National Super Alliance.

Mark Nyamita said the media was ‘selling a narrative’ that there was discord in NASA following the appointments of its members to various committees in the parliament.

He said that there were media reports that some members in NASA had missed appointment to committees that had been referred to as lucrative.

“Committees of parliament in every sense are quite equal whether roads, budget or health. And we are going there to work and so when people talk of lucrative, that’s a narrative am yet to understand,” he said.

Nyamita said all leaders were united in NASA and everyone was contented with the positions in various parliamentary committees.

The MP however said posting to various committees was based on competence and there was no cause for alarm.

“The issue of balancing here and there, first we are looking for leadership and competence so people were being posted to committees based on competence,” the MP said.

But Nyamita urged NASA supporters to stay calm as plans were still underway to swear in Raila Odinga.

“Baba has been very clear that no one will stop him from being sworn in as the people’s president,” Nyamita said.

The Uriri MP however faulted President Uhuru Kenyatta for speaking against National Super Alliance’s plans to secede.

According to Nyamita, Kenyatta’s home County had initiated plans to push for secession by passing a bill to have 70% of all employments in the County be reserved for natives.

Nyamita said Kenyatta was a president of double speak as in his home county, he is promoting hatred and tribalism.

“We are telling him before he comes shouting himself hoarse on TV, can he go back to Kiambu and solve tribalism being perpetuated by his people,” Nyamita said.

The Uriri MP said Kenyatta had no right to bar NASA from talking about secession yet he was doing less to ensure every Kenyan felt Kenyan.