Mosenda leads Isebania residents to demand county stop using stalled dumpsite

Lucas Mosenda, at the incomplete eye sore

The Sh39.6million dumpsite was to be completed in2017 by World Bank

By MN Reporter

Politician Lucas Mosenda led Isebania town residents to demand county government to stop dumping garbage at unfinished site in the outskirts of town.

The Isebania Solid Waste and Feacal Sludge project was set to benefit 12,250 families and was funded by World Bank at a tune of Sh39.6million, it was to be completed on June 17, 2017.

Mosenda said the project has turned into an eye breeding ground for vermin and health time bomb.

“We call directly on governor Okoth Obado to order his officers to stop dumping garbage at the site, we also demand that World Bank to move with speed and investigate why the project stalled,” Mosenda said.

Lorries have been dumping garbage at the gate of the site, with garbage spilling over towards Sorore-Isebania road spilling over into nearby shallow wells and water bodies during rain.

“Because it is not completed, the lorries only dump garbage outside designated point which has seen it spread to the road and put our health at risk,” Susan Nyangige, a resident said.

Already residents have written to the World Bank, NEMA and other government agencies demanding action to be taken.

County Environment Chief Officer Joshua Ngwala told Migori News that because of pressure to collect garbage they have been forced to use the dumpsite.

“Because of heavy rains lorries cant make the trip to the dumpsite, we will find a grader to move the garbage,” he said.

He said the project was yet to be completed by the World Bank and handed over to the county officially, but failed to explain why they started using unfinished project.